We have decided that our labradorbreeding has an end, most because of our age. We still have our lovely bitch Svea (Seabird's Made in Sweden) . She will be 9 years old next July and we hope to keep her for many, many, years. To keep a young labrador means to us to keep him busy. With all labradors in the breed, except one, we started on hunting competitions.
We realize that it is easier with our pugs: they want to move, bur they are real toy-dogs.
We can look back to many , many nice years since we started to breed labradors. Our 1st litter was born in March 1993. We had lovely puppy-byers; all agreed to stay in contact with us.
Of course not so often after years, but nearly everyone told us as they had to say good-bye to their beloved friend. A lot of our labradors was more than 14 years old; one dog even 15 1/2 years. Because of our puppies we also have got very close friends.
To all my puppy- byers , thank you very, very much!
We can find Cadonau's labradors in pedigrees in many countries. And some of them have also produced champions, specially in Sweden and Denmark. We are very proud of it.
Looking back into the past we are very content; it was not "just sunshine", but if the future with our pugs will be like the past with our labradors we will be very happy.