Seabird's Made in Sweden
07/17/2002 - 07/02/2014

Svea was a wonderful member of our family.We spent nearly 12 years with her and she has left a big emtiness behind. She was a lovely, faithful girl, our Svea.

* * * * *
Seabird's Yummy Chocolate Pudding
Junior CC Res and CC Res in Germany | many CC Qualities in Sweden.
06/22/1995 -09/30/2009

We are very sad. We had to say goodbye to Selma. She has been very significant for our breed. Many thanks to Family Kresse for taking so well care of her during the last 6 years.

* * * * *
Int.CH. D.CH. VDH.CH. Musicman of Fisherman's Mascot

05/30/1988 - 04/29/2002
We are very sad. We had to say goodbye to Silas, nearly 14 years old. He was a lovely dog and will ever stay in our mind. Thanks to our very good friends, Monika and Herbert Hohensee for taking so well care of him the last 7 years.
* * * * *

D.CH. Clubwinner-95 (DRC) Olivia of Fisherman's Mascot

09/11/1990 - 09/21/2001
After 11 wonderful years with Olivia we had to say good-bye. We have lost her, but she will always stay in our mind.